Sponge Theatre

Sponge Theatre is a youth theatre group inspired by community.  The aim is to bridge the gap between social divide and bring young people together through the creative arts.

This session is open to all young people who share a love for creation and collaboration. We are able to help those who are preparing for GCSE and A-level drama exams, individuals applying to drama school, students looking to log hours for Duke of Edinburgh,, or other volunteering awards, as well as young people who simply have an interest in theatre.

The group will engage in sessions, workshops and rehearsals where they are given the tools and techniques to better their performance skills and devise exciting new material inspired by stimulus they choose. Sponge Theatre also welcomes anyone looking to get involved behind the scenes whether it be stage management, creative writing, music, set creation or costume design.

There will be a performance at the end of each term to showcase what the students have created. These performances will be directed and facilitated by our founder and creative director Jessiny Mitchell.

Jessiny will introduce works from Punch Drunk, Propeller Theatre Company, Kneehigh, DV8 and other innovative theatre companies to inspire and educate Sponge Theatre members. She will also encourage them to contribute their own ideas and skills during rehearsals to create unique and dynamic pieces of theatre.

Age: 14+

For more information on session fees, trials, discounts and much more, please download the Parent's Handbook which can be found here.


If you are booking for more than one child at a time please email us directly and we will create a unique voucher code for the siblings attending.

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