Rising Stars

Performing can be a daunting thing to any 7 to 10 year old. That is why we do not make it the sole focus in this class. We believe that if you nurture artistic potential and set a solid foundation of enjoyment and theatrical skills a natural love and ability to perform will flourish. Our Rising Stars will hone their skillsets and develop their stagecraft, voice, movement and physicality. This will be achieved through various drama games and exercises whilst encouraging them to share their ideas and take inspiration from other practitioners and artists.

In this class your children will have the opportunity to work on creating their own original material inspired by books, music, poems, objects, dreams, stories…well, anything they are interested in really! By using roleplay, script work and improvisation, we not only establish a creative culture during our classes but give your children the tools that can help them at school, in social situations and with building their self-confidence. Being given the opportunity to take ownership over their own material gives our students the chance to showcase their talents with pride.

There will be a small studio performance at the end of Term 1 that parents, guardians and family members are welcome to attend. At the end of Term 3 our Rising Stars, Creative Sensations and Kabuki Ensembles will join together in creating an original and entertaining end of year show.

Age: 7-10

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  • Rising Stars


    1st floor studio, Cornubia, Par


  • Rising Stars


    The Sports Hub, Fowey