Kabuki Ensemble Level 2

Kabuki is a highly stylised type of Japanese theatre. It’s literal translation to English is “The art of singing and dancing” which we believe is a very fitting name for this class. Kabuki Ensemble Level 2 is a Musical Theatre class with a twist! We focus on all disciplines such as voice, physical theatre, character, singing, dancing, acting and performance.

However, whilst we will always draw inspiration from the great musicals, Level 2 focuses on students writing and choreographing their own material. The instructor will help the children work towards a theme and aid them in selecting music for dances and possible solos.

A finale number will be choreographed by the instructor whilst any other dances will be opened up to the students to choreograph and showcase their talents. Our instructor will facilitate the session by directing and polishing the scenes and choreography created by individuals in the class.

Students will be encouraged to research different styles of theatre and dance to inspire the stories and movement sequences they create. We like to encourage your children to step outside the norm using music, poetry, lyrics, photographs and artwork for inspiration. By taking control of their creations they have the chance to show a true commitment to the craft through innovation and collaboration.

There will be a small studio performance at the end of Term 1 that parents, guardians and family members are welcome to attend. At the end of Term 3 our Rising Stars, Creative Sensations and Kabuki Ensembles will join together in creating an original and entertaining end of year show.

Age: 11-14

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