Our Jiggle Bugs class is a fast-paced, high energy session that introduces your child to the world of Musical Theatre and all the fun that surrounds it. We use poetry and well-loved songs to spark a passion for acting, singing and dancing. With a mixture of physical games, improvisation, role play and story telling our Jiggle Bugs build a solid foundation of confidence, communication skills and creativity.

This class is a wonderful way for your little one to channel their energy positively. Cinta Stage encourages children to forget their inhibitions, speak up and share their ideas to enable them to transport their imaginations to different worlds. Roleplay and storytelling enable children to explore new and exciting situations which teaches them valuable skills they can use in everyday life.

Each session will follow a different theme chosen by the instructor. Said theme will be used to create a dynamic lesson inspired by your children’s ideas. For example, one week might be under the sea and as a team we must build our submarine to get there. Using our imaginations, bodies and voices we are able to create our jelly bean underwater transport and shoot out into the deep blue sea where we may discover new creatures such as the Merlion or Jellyphant! By allowing students to become fully immersed and invested in our lessons, it teaches them to not only think creatively but also how to be a leader and work well with others. Our instructors also use well-loved stories, poems, rhythm and movement to aid your children on their musical and dramatic adventures.

Although there will be no ‘performance’ at the end of term, parents, guardians and family members are welcome to join us for an open class which will take place during the final class of each term.

Age: 4-6

For more information on session fees, trials, discounts and much more, please download the Parent's Handbook which can be found here.


If you are booking for more than one child at a time please email us directly and we will create a unique voucher code for the siblings attending.

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