Creative Sensations

We focus on encouraging our students to push boundaries and take risks in a safe space without judgement. It is crucial we lay this ground work with our Creative Sensations as this is the age when children are becoming young people and are often met with harsh opinions and unrealistic social expectations.

By allowing our students to explore their creativity surrounded by like-minded and supportive souls we build a relationship centred around trust and respect for our creative differences. We explore a wider range of disciplines with our Creative Sensations using different styles of theatre. These include Immersive Theatre, Comedy, Physical Theatre, Commedia dell’Arte, Melodrama, Theatre of The Absurd, Fringe Theatre and much more.

We also like to encourage our students to step outside the norm and become inspired by music, poetry, lyrics, photographs and artwork. We explore the tone of the piece they are creating and dive into the context of what it is they want each scene to express. By drawing inspiration to create authentic scenes and diverse ranges of character prepares them for life going into their GCSEs. We also show your children that it is okay to deviate away from the norm if they stay kind, true to themselves and their values.

There will be a small studio performance at the end of Term 1 that parents, guardians and family members are welcome to attend. At the end of Term 3 our Rising Stars, Creative Sensations and Kabuki Ensembles will join together in creating an original and entertaining end of year show.

Age: 11 - 13

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Class Schedule




  • Creative Sensations


    1st floor studio, Cornubia Par




  • Creative Sensations


    1st floor studio, Cornubia Par