Drama is Just ‘Messing About’

This one of the most common misconceptions about drama.

Many view it as children being left to run riot making a bunch of noise. A notion that is part way true – performing arts classes can get very noisy however, it’s what I like to call ‘structured chaos’. This chaos allows children to explore their creative selves and trust me when I tell you, what might look like children and young people having free reign is actually the makings of team work, collaboration and creation.

Much of the noise that arises from a drama class is the sound of productivity and positive interaction with peers. No teacher ever intentionally allows their students to ‘mess about’ the same goes for us drama teachers. We just have a different way of doing things, which after a day at school or college is a welcomed refreshment for many children and young people.

The experiential nature of drama and other performing arts disciplines allows students to absorb a wider range of knowledge without even realising it. Drama promotes freedom, wonder and curiosity. It teaches the younger generation to think outside the box and seek their answers elsewhere. Drama has many uses, it can be used to calmly channel excitable behaviour. It can encourage confidence in those that lack it. It can teach empathy, understanding and patience. It can build friendships. It is a tool I believe many take for granted which is why I’m so very excited for our sessions to begin.

Parents, carers, friends and family will see how a bit of ‘structured chaos’ can mould itself into a piece of drama that is both original and innovative. Here’s to a bright future of making the right kind of noise and sprinkling creativity wherever we go!

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